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So I tested out the new FAW in 2 Days with a fleet in an Assault Cruiser and Exelsior, never have there been a bigger Iwin Botton in STO. Either you FAW or you lose, skills is not importent.

We in Qew are not going to use FAW with high weapon power before it gets nerf. We would never have used it on our Klings, but we are not going to use it even on our semi fun builds fed side, its just way to cheese for us.

What you or your fleets does are up to you. PvP is broken atm so it does not matter. Everybody know the FAW issue by now.

This FAW buff comes at a time where the PvP community is slowly dying and this does it even worse, hope a fix is otw. Dev_jheinig visited the OPvP channel yesterday and I think FAW got mentions a coulpe of times