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04-03-2011, 04:33 PM
Federation ships (or Klingon for klingon missions), as well as the ground mobs for respective factions, are already allied with you and will attack mobs that are your enemies, by mobs, i mean the npcs in the 'npc group' list you pick enemies from, not 'npc contacts'.

Just place the friendly mob near the enemy one. As long as they are in range of each other, they will attack each other.

However if you're talking about when you're using friendly contacts who will fight, but also allow you to interact with or talk to afterward, then it gets abit more complicated. Contacts, unlike encounter mobs, will not fight, but you can still use the npc mobs instead of npc contacts for this.

For this, i direct you to Kirkfat's tutorial

Only in your case, you'd do it in space instead of on a ground map (note that npc mobs return to their original location after fighting, so this still works, as long as they didnt die), and there are now 'invisible objects' that we can use in lieu of Kirkfat's volcanic flower example. In a nut-shell, you have the player interact with the invisible object which is in the same location as the friendly mob, so it makes it seem like they're interacting with the friendly mob.