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04-03-2011, 05:08 PM
Originally Posted by CardassianNinja View Post
Thanks - but I'm still having trouble.

I created a True Way Battleship, and a NPC Cardassian Ship (It's green on the map, friendly, and I am able to talk to them).

So, I want them to fight each other while I come to the NPC Friendly's rescue. But they don't. They just sit there idle until I enter range, then the True Way ship attacks me.

So, why aren't they attacking each other? It is registering as "Alien Cruiser" on the map when I play it.
Ok in this case i need to clarify some things. All 'npc contacts' no matter what they are, are green and friendly. However, they also dont fight at all.

'Npc groups's, such as the true way battleship you created, are able to fight. Furthermore, npc groups in that list matching your faction (federation for fed, klingon for klingon) are allied with you despite the fact that they also appear red on your editor map. You can preview this to check.

In your case, you would place, say, a federation battleship from the 'npc groups' list. There is a 'costume' selector in the 'general' tab for each actor in the npc group u just placed. You'll use that to recostume the ship as the friendly npc cardassian ship. When it fights, it will use weapons and powers as if its the fed battleship, but thats unavoidable.

Did this solve your problem?

EDIT: Btw, all space contacts default to 'alien cruiser' if you dont name them, also under the 'general tab'.

EDIT2: I really need to get to sleep. If you do need more help, i hope someone else can pop in here. Or you can go through the tutorials at or visit the chat there, there may be people online willing to help. And i'll of course look here again later...