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04-03-2011, 06:22 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
Tide I think LF/SoS is with you we will have a ship or 2 running it but we will not roll a 5 man BFaW team. I am DPS cruiser pilot on the fed side and i refuse to run it, call me what you want, I refuse to hop scotch builds to the FotM. It is sad some here thinking winning trumps everything in this game when you get absolutely nothing for winning by 1 or 15 and after you zone out that match is just legend since most do not fraps their matches.

LF might have individual players using FAW, cause one of the main things about LF is: We do not dictate what our members can use or not.

Those few of our members using it (DBB escorts), have done so even before FAW was FoTM the first time.. I used it personally in my Raptor when I flew with QEW, and that *is* ancient history by now.

Anyways, I recently respecced my Tac AC toon to a Cannon/DBB/Torp MVA, and are not going back to cruiser until it is changed. So atm, I dont have a single PvP toon using FAW.