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04-03-2011, 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by Ozzie223
I've said before Cryptic is a measure once cut 9 times kind of company. I don't think they test anything at all. When the deadline hits, crap is shoveled out the door and that is the way it is. Remember the 1st Anniversery debacle of allowing campers to steal other peoples rewards? LOL this is the way they do things. If players haven't figured THAT out in a year your not paying attention.

If all the spam monkeys driving nascar circles dumping mines and fighters did not ruin PvP, then PvP will survive this too. I plan to enjoy it. I am leveling a tac and I can train FAW3 ....with 6 beam arrays it is hilarious and fun. Driving at a carrier and stripping all his fighters and mines, then cutting him in half, in the opening 15 seconds of contact is new and interesting.
Meh.. Fun?

It makes bad players seem good, in reality they are still as bad as they ever was, they just have their glory days now, because 99% of the respectable PvPers are refraining from using it.

The old OP FAW was atleast challenging to use, where the new one is easy mode.