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04-03-2011, 09:48 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
FAW is overrated, and the drain will more often than not lower single target DPS. I'm continuously out-DPSing FAW boats running nothing but target subsystems.
I had a fleetmate test it out on me. His FAW hit me for 3000 k a cycle. That was the base from all the testing. 1 on 1 the skill isnt great.

Now, we got another player and he fired on us both and he did 6000k per cycle. Do you see the issue now? There is no way this skill should double your DPS when there is multiple ships around. If they lowered the second beams to only 30 percent of the main beam, that would be fine. Or if they increased the cool downs so the ability cannot be chained repeatedly with 5 second gaps in between.

As for power drain, ships are using 4 EPS consoles with 2 copies of EptW, EPS3 and weapons batteries. They can almost assure one ability will compliment FAW when activated. When you have 5 ships, putting out the damage of 10 ships, that is not fair and calls for a balancing act. Healers no longer heal their team but they heal themselves.