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# 1 Time to discuss endgame....
04-04-2011, 12:07 AM
I know I am not the only one who feels this way and I think it is high time we have a discussion about it. The endgame content in STO is seriously lacking. We have 3 and a half STFs, and a couple dailies. We can explore the B'Tran Cluster a whole bunch or play STFs that are really only fun the first time you play them and are short and lack cohesion. I feel like once I am top level, and have gotten my Borg implants, I am just done with the game. There seems to be no incentive to keep playing STO at endgame. I mean sure people like to roleplay on their ships or create foundry missions to further roleplay but this post isn't for those people. This is for the people that actually want a good game in the Star Trek Universe. I think Cryptic seriously needs to stop focusing mainly on creating new C-Store content to bleed us dry and start focusing on more things to do. As it stands right now, you might as well get to Vice Admiral, then start a new character and get him to Vice Admiral until you have filled up your character slots and then you have completed the game. You can only stretch PvP so far until people wants some solid content releases. We as paying customers deserve an in depth experience at top level where we can truly make our captains and ships unique and undertake huge adventures within the ST universe. Instead we are bombarded by never ending C-Store additions and hardly any new content. And when we do get new content, it is for low level characters? There is seriously some major content gaps in this game and an almost nonexistent endgame experience. I think we should discuss here what changes and additions they could make to the raid and group content, and what they could add to keep players interested when they have finished the leveling.