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04-03-2011, 11:46 PM
I think most people forget just how long this game has been going. Back in the early days of WoW, endgame options were severely lacking, whether this being from a PvE standpoint or a PvP one. Yet because of that game, it seems every other game should have what WoW does now. At least this is how it seems every time i read a new thread about a lack of content or things to do here. I'm under no illusion that STO has a treasure trove of options, yet i am aware of the time frame of development based on MMO's i have played, and when and where they were at various stages. Just for the fact you seem to think the C-Store is there to bleed us dry speaks volumes (it doesn't, as we are not forced to use it in any way shape or form, but that is another thread). We were already made aware of this content lull we are in at the moment, yet Foundry has just gone live to ease this slightly till the next Season gets introduced. Yes its not endgame by any means, but it is another step in the right direction for this game.

You say once you are at top level and have all the Borg implants? So are you and do you? Your join date seems a little new to have so many concerns so soon about longevity i feel. I feel STF's for me become the opposite to how you described them. I have everything from the Borg Science Officer to a maxed out Diplomacy yet i will continue to help other Fleet (new) members get theirs, and at no point do i ever feel this is a burden or waste of time, because i actually really do enjoy my time in STO. Yes i want more, i really do. I can't wait for 'The Hive' and whatever comes after that. Well i suppose i can since i didn't make this thread.

My point is exactly my opening sentence. But then the patience of so many is a little poor to say the least, especially when we add the line of 'i'm a paying customer'. Yes we all are, and that shouldn't change our understanding of how a game develops, or is developing. This thread will end up coming across like another 'i want to run before i can walk'. Things take time. Yet to get those little C-Store digs in as you have is once again frustrating. Compare how much has been done since December to new C-Store items and its easy to forget just how hard the Cryptic team has been working. Its a real shame we have to keep knocking them down, it really is, but the changes are there as plain to see and a good sign as to where this game is going. Season 4 is a matter of a few months away. If you've done everything in game, well done. Maybe take a break, whatever, but if you are going to start a discussion about endgame, understand that there are plenty of positives rather than adding the negative C-Store line frankly many of us have heard enough of. Though i'm only speaking for others like you have, and it is very easily done if you know a few people alone that share your opinions.

Fleet 'Fleet Actions' and '(Into?) The Hive' are coming. We know this. PvP is getting addressed in some fashion (Leaderboards, etc), and hopefully this will introduce perhaps a set of tiered gear/items that will add longevity to game type as more maps just won't cut it alone.
I'm all about discussing the next step for STO, because i want more and more. Yet if we are having this discussion, at least understand where we are at currently with the game in terms of its time frame. I have a frame of reference with WoW, and look where that game is now. Considering Cryptic's smaller team by far, i still think we are on a very good track indeed.