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# 1 Questions...among many
04-04-2011, 04:39 AM
Hey gents/ladies

I've scoured the Foundry topics, looking for answers to my questions, while i've found a couple, i'm still short on others...

Things i need to know:

Making NPC Contacts enter combat.
I tried changing "Ambient Without Combat" to "Ambient With Combat" but the Ambient With Combat option isn't there...i can make them wander, but that's a big whoop as far as i'm concerned...i need them to enter combat.

I did manage to get my ships to appear via the NPC Groups thing, but i want my ship to be an actor and do things for the missions, instead of running the risk of having a different part of the NPC Group spawn instead.

That's another thing...i want to make the ship go where i want it too...IE: where you follow that vulcan ship early on in the STO missions...but i can't get the darned thing to fly in a straight line, or head in one direction.

But mostly, i'd like to know if there's another way of having an NPC Contact defend or enter combat?