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04-04-2011, 05:47 AM
I created content for lots of games. Whole worlds in NWN2. If I learned anything: Never let it get to your heart.

1. There is criticism and there is the usual trolls. Ignore the trolls, look if the criticism is warranted. If so, make changes.

2. Stay true to your concept: If the majority likes pew-pew only, it doesn't mean you have to make pew-pew missions. There are tons of them out there. Find your own public. Sames goes vice versa of course. You like pew-pew? Damn, do it!

One example I can give you that really drags missions down is people complaining that a mission was written in a non-English language. In my case German.

Now, I would greatly like to put an English translation into the missions, making them dual-language... No problem. It is just a feature that is not there yet and I happen to write for my friends mainly - who happen to be Germans.

So, look at point number one above: Trolls who give you one star, drag your mission down, but you should keep your spirits up. Tons of ways to make them popular outside that ranking system.