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04-04-2011, 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by Askray View Post
Actually, you don't know the law, as I would think Atari knows the legal situations in the EU far better. :p (Especially considering their lawyers are probably much higher paid hehe)

It is enough to say VAT taxes are not included in the price and vary depending blah blah blah. It is the CONSUMERS job to know that there is a VAT. Every EU/UK citizen knows there is a VAT tax. If you don't then you live under a rock :p I've done online trading in this manner for many years and never once had a customer come after me screaming they where charged unfairly.

Regardless of that it can sometimes be EXTREMELY difficult for an american company to know exactly WHAT the vat charges are going to be beforehand. While a lot of online processors do input this (or attempt to cover it with adding a flat say 15% tax ontop of the purchase price), even paypal doesn't always list the VAT charge till it's gone through. And I think, them being a former bank, would have a better grasp on this concept hehe.

In the end, why people get shocked when they are charged VAT when it clearly states it's not included in the purchase price is beyond me.
Atari is not American, it is French and they should know better. Infogrames bought out Atari/Hasbro years ago. Atari has some corporate offices in NYC, but it is really a holding corporation based out of Lyon, France.