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04-04-2011, 10:01 AM
Originally Posted by Green117 View Post

Fleet 'Fleet Actions' and '(Into?) The Hive' are coming. We know this. PvP is getting addressed in some fashion (Leaderboards, etc), and hopefully this will introduce perhaps a set of tiered gear/items that will add longevity to game type as more maps just won't cut it alone.
I'm all about discussing the next step for STO, because i want more and more. Yet if we are having this discussion, at least understand where we are at currently with the game in terms of its time frame. I have a frame of reference with WoW, and look where that game is now. Considering Cryptic's smaller team by far, i still think we are on a very good track indeed.
while i wont quote everything you have said i think it best to understand the full spectrum of the game. My time frame in STo is older yet I have the same concern as the person above you. Lets be clear huge mistakes where done and we the paying customer was used as a test bed to get those mistakes fixed. Those are the facts. While i do have patience i dont think it is correct for a company to produce a game based upon lies and then ask its customer to wait longer for change only for the company to produce its real features and then they pass it off as the game is growing. To this date the game is behind. It is in a state of flux. While changing to the original mission statement it was to be launched as. It is not great.

To many features are still missing and yes to many attributes for the C-store have been produced to prey on the star trek fan base greed for trek items. I dont find anything wrong with making a profit. I find it wrong to lie or mislead customers into a false sense of gamer accomplishment. currently right now the game at end game is grinding. that is your option. The game has to many loops and holes. to many still incomplete attributes that can not give a person and option besides to grind.

star trek was about learning, Star trek was about understanding, star trek was about exploring the unknown of yourself and your purpose. STO is not star trek but is becoming a mission statement of greed based on star trek exploitation. The evidence is from its C-Store content exceeds its free game content.
I would enjoy the end game grind if it was diferent but it is not. There is no random attribute or change in mission sequence. its rinse and repeat and wait hmmm 4 months or who knows for new cryptic content which only last in truth 4 days. These are the facts of STO.

The foundry, what is its purpose. oh simple to have you do the developers work for them. This foundry doesnt advance the game. interact with the game itself or change the game mechanics and explore the new frontier. This foundry does nothing more but keep the people blind and dumb to continue to play STO.

Oh yeah you can create or recreate your favorite missions. was the main stance for the foundry almost a year ago up until the end of march and then once the foundry came out this little statement came in
"PLAYERS CAN NOT USE ANY OF THE CHARACTERS FROM ANY OF THE STAR TREK MATERIAL SHOWS OR MOVIES." There is really no end game. there is no war in the game and their is no gain or loss. There is no understanding of teaching from the game. its just a miss match of half done attributes with a huge C-store inventory.