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04-04-2011, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by Olimar
(1) I am wondering if you can designate a character to be played in a mission or maybe various characters. A one-off type of mission. Or do the missions have to be played by the person's own captain... just no way around it?[/color]
No, the player will only play as his own captain, as it is with all of Cryptic's current missions.

Originally Posted by Olimar
(1) I will throw out an example for the next question. I am flying around in my starship and then transition into my interior. Talk to my crew about an away mission. Walk around the ship to the shuttle bay. Walk to the back of a runabout to "activate" it and then transition to space in the runabout.
==> [Basically can i swap ships without heading to a Ship officer NPC. Can i force a ship to be used in a transition?]
Again, no. Not all players will have a shuttle, or necessarily any other type of ship you'd want them to "use". The best you could do is in the mission text, tell players to use a shuttle (though there's no way of "forcing" them to use one)

Originally Posted by Olimar
(1) And i would like to use derelict and unpowered Tier 4-5 ships. This is an asset problem and they just don't exist yet?[/color]
Not sure about this one. I thought all of the ships in the game were available as NPCs. I haven't looked at the full asset list, yet, but I'd be surprised if you couldn't find the ship you wanted to simply use as a motionless "NPC" floating in space.