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04-04-2011, 12:14 PM
I would like to tell you about my first mission, Andoria Prime: Part I.

The disappearance of a Bolian ambassador triggers events that shake the very foundation of the Federation.
It is up to you to find the perpetrators and defend Starfleet from its enemis within.

This mission starts in the Reytan System in the Sirius Sector Block.

For Federation players 35+

Screenshots: 1 2 3
I am happy about any constructive criticism that could help me to improve this mission and possible sequels.

Things to keep in mind:
- Take your time. A lot of text is optional, but it will provide interesting information. If you get interrupted by something, check your lower right screen for "Ops"- there might be another dialog you overlooked previously.
- No running on the promenade! I mean, in tight spaces. Let your BOs catch up to you.
- Tricorder scan and the minimap are your friends. If you don't know what to do next, consult them.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoy my mission.

PS: Big thanks to my fleetmates from Omega XIII for reviewing and bugtesting!