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Mission Review

Name:- Defend the Empire! - By Elkysium


Strange readings have been reported near the penal colony of Rura Penthe. A large federation force has slipped off the radar. The last known coordinates were near the border of the Pi Canis and Omega Leonis Sector Blocks.


4 stars

One word:- Brilliant. I loved the idea that the Federation has sneakily established a base near Qo'nos but it makes me wonder how they got there (if there is an explanation somewhere in the mission I have probably missed it). I also liked the Ferengi sub-plot and finding him on the Federation base. I was confused why the federation would capture a Ferengi like that but it was entertaining to see him wave about behind that forcefield xD. Also, it makes me wonder how a Federation fleet simply bypassed the KDF defence grid and went straight to Qo'nos.
Storyline was brilliant but a few things may need to be looked at (unless I've missed them).

Environment/Map Design

5 stars

I'd give you 20 stars for those environments. The asteroid field was my favourite with masses of blue clouds and asteroid there and the Asteroid Base planted in the middle which I actually almost missed.

Keep up the great map design work .


4 stars

There was a lot of combat in this mission. The initial asteroid combat was very difficult with 5 groups clumped together like that. Took me ages to finally destroy them. I also liked the final epic battle which I found much more entertaining because of the fleet on fleet NPC battle and me just diving in the middle of it. Ground combat I liked the most (but was a bit easy for me since my KDF character simply obliterates NPC's on ground wheever they fight him).

The space combat needs work a bit but I found the ground combat fine.


3 stars

There were a LOT of spelling errors and quite a few grammer errors if I remember correctly. You also didn't use captical letters for a lot of the names (such as Ferengi) which decreased the overall score. The actual dialogue from the NPC's was fantastic but the grammer errors didnt help it.

Brushing up on your English for this mission will help it enormously


Mission had fantastic environments and great plot. The combat was generally difficult and the dialogue was mixed with errors but great NPC dialogue.