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# 1 What is "Normalized"?
04-04-2011, 05:02 PM
When a tooltip says it is "Normalized", it means the value is unmodified. It does not consider skills, buffs, or other bonuses. For space items that utilize power levels, Normalized assumes the power levels are 50.

"Normalized" tooltips appear in the store, your backpack, and on your paper doll. Active powers in your power list or power tray are not Normalized.

The reason the UI does this is because when an item is not equipped, we donít know some things. We donít know what/who is going to equip the item (your captain, your Boff, your active ship, or your inactive ship). Also, when you are on the ground, some space bonuses are inactive, and vice versa. Since we donít know all this info, we "Normalize" the tooltip values. Even items slotted in your paper doll are Normalized so you can compare them to items in you backpack or the store.

We are looking into improving this by removing the word "Normalized" from every attribute and just putting it at the top of the tooltip with a brief explanation of what I just said above.

Hope that helps.