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Well, I like making missions with the foundry but I don't have the kind of free time to give them the attention they deserve. And since one or two people have graciously volunteered to work as reviewers (and are now completely inundated with requests) I thought I'd offer to help out, too. So, instead of creating new missions that suck, I'll nit-pick anyone elses mission for them.

Be warned though. I'm a jerk.

Thats right. As the title states - I am a hypercritical jerk. I offer my services as a mission reviewer for anyone who can take brutal, honest criticism. I wil call 'em like I see 'em. I will call you on every grammar mistake, spelling error, or punctuation flub. The first plot hole discovered in your story will earn my scorn. If I find a second plot hole, my scornful harrasment will make you want to climb into that plot hole and pull it in after you. My reviews will not be for timid authors.

But if you get 4 or 5 stars out of me, you really have one H of a good mission.

Anyway, if there are some authors with some intestinal fortitude out there, send me your mission titles. All I ask for in return is that if my review makes you cry, you MUST tell me. Tears are the fuel that keeps my criticism engine running, afterall.

WAMAHahahahahahaha (the laughter of a hypercritical jerk...)