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# 1 Using [Rank] in dialogue
04-05-2011, 05:56 AM
I'd like to using the [Rank] wildcard in dialogue, for example:

"Welcome to DS9, [Rank]".

This looks great when it renders as "Welcome to DS9, Captain", or "Welcome to DS9, Commander".

But what does it render if the player is Rear Admiral, Lower Half? Does it say "Welcome to DS9, Admiral" or (as I fear) "Welcome to DS9, Rear Admiral, Lower Half"?

The latter would look ridiculous, and not read at all like real speech.

Not being able to level my Foundry test character, I can't test this using anything other than an Ensign. Can anybody tell me what the output of [Rank] will be if the player is Rear Admiral, Lower Half etc.?