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I was just looking at some reviews of a mission I've published, and I was wondering:

Can we have some sort of checkbox that says "English is not my native language"?

So people know that when they enter a mission that is not made by a english grammar and spelling expert, so they know what they are going into?

Thing is, appearently my mission is good, but since I am not an expert in english spelling and grammar, there will of cause be elements that are not 100% correct.
But people seem to pay alot more attention to spelling and grammar than the actual story, so I would like a way to prepare people for the fact that theese errors might actually appear in dialouges throughout the mission.

Or perhaps just a way to indicate that the missions we are making may be under development and not nessacarily be perfect?

While on the subject: How do you spell "Troubble"? (as in dilemma, issue, problem)