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re: idea for open pvp area
by Kalara_Valtesia on 23 Feb 2011 01:13 pm
Positive feedback from Kalara@Valtesia Blood Dragons

I see this being a long term idea as there is much programming that will need to be done to implement this idea but know that small portions can be implemented a little at a time

Open PVP Area:

I realize that an open PVP area is something that many people want and yet has been a concern due to the faction imbalanced however it is something that can be worked into the game by certain things implemented into the PVP area. Listing of these ideas that could be implemented is listed below.

1.) First and foremost adding a star base or system that is the open PVP area within a sector that both factionsí can access.

2.) Have it on a timer that say once one faction has it, it is theirís to use for a timeframe of say example 2-3 hours.

3.) Within this star base or system have special crafting items, Short STF (with great armor or weapon available) , and/or possible food items that is only available within this area. This will encourage people from both factions to want to fight for this area to have use of it.

4.) Issue of balancing the battle is that a system would need to be put in place that say 30 Federation has signed up to join the battle and 20 Klingons so therefore it would generate 20 people from each side that can only join the battle unless more klingons sign up in the middle of the battle then it would pull in the other federation that are waiting within the Q as well as it will allow others to join in the middle of the battle. Another way to negate this is to have a buff that is given to the side that is short people. Example being say there are 3 federation officers per Klingon officer so therefore say a buff for the klingon side example Name being (example for KDF side Kahless cry for Glory or Cry of the Warrior and say Kirkís battle strategy or Picardís Battle-Cry for the Fed side) or something like this that would increase health, strength, damage, and resistance or just a portion of these a certain percentage for each number they are out numbered. (example 3 feds per one kdf then it would stack 2 times on the KDF officer a certain percentage per stack) The idea being that 15 minutes prior from the battle the base will become inactive to the faction that has it and they will be warped out of the base at that point to then Q for the upcoming battle or have them still be able to use the base but they would need to Q to fight in the battle which can come through a window pop up letting them know a battle is about to begin and asking if they would like to join. If they click yes they will be able to stay on the base and then once the battle begins the system could generate how many stayed and the others beamed out at that point to match up with the officers that are available through the opposite faction side.

5.) Would need to make a space mission portion first that people would need to fight each other to work towards getting a team to beam to the base. At that point, there would then be a ground battle to reach a certain room to activate them winning the base. I say putting space and ground both as this will pull everyone in whether they like space pvp or ground pvp. The faction that has the base at that time will defend the base from the ground and also from space.

6.) To balance it out to that it is not over run by one faction always winning it or having it for 85% of the time available through a 24 hour period is that basically a system can be put in place like a tug-of-war type system that once a faction has won the starbase 2 times in a row then they are given a debuff at this point. This is a de-buff that is minimal at first but becomes stronger over each time they win it in a row. However once they have lost the star base then the de-buff restarts back over and they start fresh on their next win.

7.) The starbase would then turn blue for fed side and red for Klingon side and then any other colors for other factons that may come into play eventually down the road. The other faction that did not win will not be able to enter this starbase or system after they have lost it at that point.