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04-05-2011, 12:24 PM
Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
If a WoK pack is made, this needs to be included:

Sickbay Uniform

Anyway, on to the main point of my post...

To be brutally honest, I'm more than a bit shocked by the attitudes of some of the community regarding the inclusion of 23rd-century items in STO. I can't help but question whether they truly understand their presence in-game.

First of all, there is plenty of 25th-century technology and design in the game already. It's there in the interiors, the uniforms, the ship designs, etc. It was included at launch, and I have no doubt that as time goes on, we'll see even more. There's almost no limit to what the Cryptic team can come up with for future tech/uniforms/design. They're dealing with unwritten TREK; it's a blank canvas that any fan would be tripping over themselves to paint upon.


People have to realize that the fanbase for Star Trek is strongly rooted in nostalgia. A vast number of those who love TREK grew up watching TOS either first-run or in reruns, went to the original-series movies when they first appeared in theatres, or watched TNG from the first night it aired to the finale seven years later. Their passion for Star Trek is based in what was more than what will be. If that wasn't so, there wouldn't still be comic books and novels being released that are based in those eras. People still want classic TREK to be a part of their fandom.

Yes, it's fun to roleplay in STO as a Starfleet officer two centuries after the adventures of Kirk and Spock. But for many, imaginations work differently. They can't be Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock, but if they have a chance to be the closest thing to that character they'll leap at the opportunity, ESPECIALLY if the ship they're commanding and the corridors they're walking in are the same ones they grew up enjoying.

So why not have a TOS bundle or a Motion Picture-era uniform option? Those who adored those periods of TREK history will buy them immediately, dress their characters in the iconic uniforms, walk them onto the bridge or in the corridors and bask in nostalgic joy.

Do the older uniforms and starships affect "immersion" that terribly? Only to those who let it. People who wring their hands with stress over seeing TOS-era Constitution-class starships flying in 25th-century space...well, sorry, but they need to lighten up a little, and put their imaginations to work. Come up with any excuse you like, such as: Continued conflicts between the KDF and the UFP and the increase in Starfleet's numbers have forced Starfleet engineers to un-mothball previously decommissioned starships and modify them for active use in the field.

TA-DA! Canonical conflict explained, at least for me...and I didn't even have a problem with it.

STO should always have its foundation in the future of Star Trek, and I don't foresee Cryptic eschewing that anytime soon. However, I see no harm whatsoever in STO honoring its roots and satisfying the nostalgic fans' desire to re-live Trek's past through these optional modifications.
It seems to me that your argument must be understood of sorts. The majority of canon people say no to certain 23rd century items such as ships in t5 class. Majority of star trek online has all attributes from enterprise all the way to future trek in game. canon is insulted by people who wish to change attributes that have not been touched in any star trek video game or mod. every star trek game ever made keeps with canon and its certain time period. It also keep in line with attributes.