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04-05-2011, 04:55 PM
I agree that, given the general absence of team heals, anything to make the healing workload simpler to manage would be immensely helpful. This is especially true in an environment where you have to keep track of a team in pseudo-3D.

I would love to have a little mini-hotbar as someone suggested, attached to each team member's avatar in the team list; it should have between five and eight slots, and I should be able to drag any power from my P window onto something like a little "setup" bar also part of the team UI. Then all the powers that I have staged for the team interface will show up automatically in the heals hotbar for any person who joins my team.

This wouldn't even have to be for heals only; really any target-friendly buff would work in this interface. So when you click the icon for a specific buff on a specific teammates mini-bar, it automatically and instantly casts it on him, without having to switch targets.