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Hello, after much anticipation on my part and a long time in the thought works I have made my first jump into the Foundry.

I just finished and published my first mission made in the Foundry last night, and I assume it's still in the initial play test review stage where it needs to be completed X number of times. With all that has happened involving the Foundry going to Holodeck I have some questions: Before it's been completed that X number of times is it still on the Holodeck servers but only available to Reviewers? Is there any way to tell how many players/reviewers have gone through the mission? Is there currently a backlog of reviewers for Foundry missions? If so, is it so much so that I need to do some advertising here to get attention?

A lot of these questions have been addressed but the dates are all pre-Foundry launch on Holodeck so I don't know what is still accurate. Any info is appreciated, I'm looking forward to sharing what I worked on.

If I do need to advertise and anyone is interested here is the info and the little blurb:

Author: XR-377
Title: Personal Reflection
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: 31+

Things are not as they seem aboard the U.S.S. Khitomer and due to your history with the vessel you have been asked to investigate. However, the secrets she hides may lead to far more than a personal reflection...