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Originally Posted by Yreodred

I have never seen the Akira as a "!fighter style" type of ship, myself.
For me, the Akira always was some sort of tactical cruiser, heavier than a prometheus but lighter than a Nebula.
Personally i don't understand why some (big) ships have to be forced to fill the role of light, fighter like ships. I mean how big is the Akira class ? Something between 300 and 450 meters?
To be honest i never understood the need to have a escort Class type ships in STO at all, i mean there was only one canon ship class classified as escort, the defiant type. (Which was just a lame try by the producers of DS9 to show how awesome creative they saw themselves )
Forcing other ships (which where clearly not designed to be like that) into that role feels somehow strange to me.

Thank you for reading
The Federation has never really been truly at war I think that required the use for a fast turn around and heavy firepower. The Cruisers have their beam arrays in order to protect themselves against whatever threats they may encounter. They were to explore not destroy whatever was in front of them. Science ships are self explanatory(SCIENCE!)

But now? Now its like the Federation is being surrounded on all sides by enemies. Klingons, Breen, Remans, Romulans, Borg, Undine. They need a ship that can get in there and blow stuff up.

Originally Posted by ThomasGideon
I believe they justified the 3 nacelles by saying that each nacelle contains a pair of warp coils. That is splitting it really fine, however.

I had always called them Primary Hull (Saucer in STO) and Secondary Hull. I'm not sure where I picked up that nomenclature, but it seems to be a bit more generic.
@Hull designations: I remember reading that all Ships that have a defined Saucer can separate in an emergency through the use of emergency explosive bolts. The Dreadnought refit and Exploration refit I think are the only ones that can put themselves back together.