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04-06-2011, 02:58 AM
just played it...

first let me say i loved A Final Unity back in the day, still have the box in my shelf!

well here is my review:

- first i am not sure if it is allowed to use "Vash" (if that is supposed to be the TNG character? i think so, not sure), and i also would rename the Garidians just to be on the safe side.

- An there sum TYPOS!
Serious Spellcheck needed dood!

- When my Captain spoke with the Garidian Ship it displayed my Tac Officer (maybe foundry limitation, dont know, but a little confusing in any case to see my Tac speaking like he was the captain... hey thats my job!).

- i had a problem with 2 triggers, first the 2 Federation ships warp in out of sensor range i had to blindly fly arround the map and found them by luck (did not see them on the map until after i was in range), you may want them to warp in nearer to the player.
And... i don't realy understand why i would scan the admirals Fishtank ... it said so in the questlog and the thing was blinking, but there was no real indication storywise why i would even do that.

- there was a lot of walking on the last Map with that uuh.. Reservoir (?),
Walking != fun, rule of thumb: if it takes longer then 1 full sprint it starts to be annoying. plz don't make me run from the top to the lower end of the map only to get told to run to the right side of the map... *gnaaah*

- then the mission just stopped, so... is this mission not finished yet? part 1 or something? was a good start but keep working on it, you're getting there!