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04-06-2011, 03:57 AM
If my understanding of things is correct, this is not illegal in anyway.

If he was asking for people to provide him goods in exchange for Atari Points, it could be. If he was trying to buy atari points for goods, it could be. If he were trying to trade credits or anything else in game for Atari points, it could be.

But this is a competition, with Atari Points given away as a prize. I don't think this is any different than people entering a quiz or random drawing contest in exchange for points.

My concern actually derives from what I see looking at the roster list;
Where's the support for KDF?
If the point of the obstacles is to need to avoid them, why would anyone fly anything that doesn't cloak? For that matter, the Defiant-R would be the de-facto choice, because it has good turning radius, good speed, and can cloak, effectively negating out the threat of hostile enemies, unless the hostile enemies were also placed inside warp-dropping nebulae.

I'm all for this kind of thing, I just think it might need some looking at to avoid some problems occurring.