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04-06-2011, 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by Trueheart
I'm working on my second mission and I have an idea but I'm not sure how well it would be received so I thought I'd toss it out and get some feedback before adding it to my mission.

My idea is you enter a room of enemies, a room with a LOT of enemies and rather than require you fight them all the mission objective would be to make it to a reach marker, which would then initiate a map transfer.

I don't know of any enemies in the game that you can't sprint away from, and I think it might be kinda cool to be presented with an overwhelming situation that calls for a strategic retreat. Or if you're the type of person who enjoys a monumental challenge you could always try clearing them out before retreating as a type of optional objective.

So what do you guys think, if you were playing a mission and the objective was to sprint away while being chased by a significant number enemies would you think it was cool or lame?
An interesting idea!

I had a very similar two room (maybe 2 map) idea for the starter project I am working on where part of the mission was:

Get into room A through room B

Rooms on one map with a door between rooms

Room A full of guards
Room B empty of guards - the target room being a safe room and has a 'waypoint just inside door'

Door with force field between rooms

Option 1 - fight guards and die a lot
Option 2 - run through guards to room B with minimal fighting

Either way, force field initial invisible then becomes visible as player enters room B

This would mean (hopefully) that the activated force field would stop enemies getting into room B and fighting!

There are considerations such as BOs following into room B and not fighting and enemies firing through the force field! Both could be eliminated using a second map wich only has room B (identical to first map) I suppose and there would be no need for force field - just a 'waypoint' to trigger map transfer as you suggest!

So yeah! I have giving the multi scenario - stay and fight or run away some thought and may include it in later projects .

As for it being cool or lame? Well I think that depends on how you use it within the story, how you implement the idea of run away or stay and fight - 'Captain, it looks like we are outgunned here' prompt with instructions maybe. Ultimately, you can try it and see! Players will rate the mission and undoubtedly let you know if run away is an option they like - even if the answer is no, you could try the option in another way and another mission to see if you get a different feedback!

I would probably say that having the option to run away or stay and fight could be very cool indeed.