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Originally Posted by NecroBones View Post
Personally I'm just skipping over it. I have text explanations about where we're going. So when you appear in the new zone, there's also a "we've arrived" message. The lack of passage of time doesn't bother me much, since it's much like a new scene in a TV episode. As long as it's clear in the descriptions and the zones what has happened, I don't think you need to go out of your way to have long travel scenes. Quite the opposite, actually, since if you go out of your way for realism, you can damage the story flow.
The problem with that is wherever you decide to end your mission, you pop out back in sector space at the first system you entered instead of wherever you ended your mission. Unless you write your missions to end at the same place they start, that could be pretty jarring.

For example, say your mission has you got to Vulcan first, pick up somebody and then take them to Bajor. You can skip the sector space travel by just doing system space to system space map changes, but when your mission ends you'll be magically transported back to the Vulcan sector space door instead of next to DS9.