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04-06-2011, 12:55 PM
I know what happened, when making the mission and testing it I was using a lower level Tribble toon. I bet there is some screwed up scaling when you are actually playing it at level, or on a higher difficulty. Anyone know any tricks to solve this?

This will probably effect a few fights in my mission, but probably will have the biggest effect on the Mercedes fight and the Captain's fight. (Captains fight is Encounter 3, 1 Cpt, 1 Cmd, 2 Lt. where Mercedes is Just 1 Cpt, 3 Lt.) If the scaling issue also happens in space, the final space battle; where I have a cruiser encounter paired up with a weak squad may be an issue. I don't think it would be anything more then what you would encounter in a patrol mission, the thing is they are both spawning at the 10k aggro range if you are around the center of the map.

Also, the captain's fight I also spawn another group of Ensign's in the Captain's faction and two groups of ensigns of an opposing faction so they all fight each other and have a lot of targets to nix that self healing factor if the player is clever. It seemed like a good, exciting, design at the time but has anyone else tried something like it? Does it work good in actual implementation?

Any group may be a little too much if enough medics and engineers spawn but I'm not sure how I can test/fix this without grinding a tribble character up to RA or something. I can quick fix it by removing Mercedes' team members with just a group of ensigns and similar stuff but I think there may be a better solution out there if anyone knows one...

Edit: I'm going to go ahead and quick fix it all when I get to my STO PC, just worried the final two fights wont be entertaining. But I'll leave that for you to judge.