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Mission Review

Name:- Stirring the Hornets Nest - By sabredruid


An investigation of a distress signal in the Alhena system in Eta Eridani uncovers a plot that threatens the integrity of the whole Klingon Empire.


1 star

The story i found was messy. it didnt flow well and nothing made sense. i actually didnt complete the mission because i just got bored of it.

Environment/Map Design

5 stars

this is the only good thing about the mission to be honest. the environments were fantastic and you obviously know your way around the Foundry quite a bit. like!


1 star

it felt like an exploit mission more than a storyline. im not really a combat person but i enjopy it as a KDF character. however there was way too much at once several times and it just got boring fighting then moving then fighting then moving with dialogue.

you also messed up with the assigning who is who on NPC groups. you can give them a costume and a name but their powers will never change no matter what. i saw an engineer reviving one of their other officers like a combat medic. didnt make sense.


1 star

use capital letters! i found hardly any at all in the dialogue and whilst you did use Klingon phrases and you used actual Klingon language, it didnt make sense and my boff wondering how he could rule the Empire came out of nowhere. the dialogue with the orion female was the most annoying as she spoke out to me as if I was her inferior. i said she should shut up but the tree was set to fail.


I didn't enjoy it. infact, I didnt complete the mission because i just got bored of it. storyline was messy as was the dialogue and it seemed like an exploit Fed mission more than an actual first part of a series. i find it difficult to start a series but this was just boring.