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# 23 The 300's Scavenger Hunt!
04-06-2011, 03:41 PM
[size=4]On Friday, 8 April at 8pm EST, Fleet Marshal Giles will be holding an in-game scavenger hunt for our STO Fleet. STO members are also welcome to attend. The hunt will involve five riddles. The first person to solve the riddles, collect the correct items, and deliver them to the Fleet Marshal will receive 500 Atari Tokens! All delivered items will be returned. The list of riddles will be sent out via game mail at the event time. So grab your tricorders and sign-up today on our calendar or in-game through our Fleet Events. At the appointed time an announcement will also go out through our Alliance chat channel, "Joint Operations".[/size]

While I'm at Club 47 I will also be accepting new members into our fleet.

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