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Hi all,

In reading over the reviews I got for my foundry mission, one feedback was the flirting was weird because the NPC was a female the player's character is also female.

While it isn't negative or anything, this got me to thinking. So the question I have for everyone is, do you feel comfortable with content creators addressing or touching on sensitive material?

For background, when I created the mission I really wasn't thinking all too hard about gender neutrality in my subplots and dialogue and I correct them where I can; however when I did come across that part of my mission I thought, eh, should play ok even if it's same sex.

So I did get that comment in my review and I wanted to reply, not in defense but just to reference, that Star Trek did touch upon sexuality some, in "The Outcast" (TNG) and in the episode I remember, "Rejoined" (DS9). To summarize, the latter is Dax trying to get back together with a former Trill lover (Kurzon's?), who is a woman.

Now I didn't intend at all to make any social commentary, I just wanted to put a little Kirk in my missions (heh) but games being what they are, there will be players who are female and my thought was just well... it'll still work, it's only flirting.

But now that the series is progressing, I was thinking of fleshing that area out a bit more. The challenge will always be that if a sensitive issue is commented on (in the form of a mission), I have to pull it off with enough style and class and respect that it doesn't come off as being hateful of that issue or something.

What do you guys think? Should Foundry missions stay away from potential third rails?