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04-06-2011, 05:41 PM
I'd just be careful to avoid having it so the second the player steps in the room like 5 groups all immediately aggro. On the harder difficulties you could be cut down before you have a chance to do anything. It would be better to have only 2 groups aggro at once, and the others only aggro as you run through the room (or even slightly out of aggro range, but are just there for appearances). Also try to make it so that the player has a chance to see/understand what to do/where to run to, before simply being attacked.

I'd also recommend doing a test publish before finalizing the mission and playing through on elite, because something that seems just fine on normal can end up being nearly impossible on elite. Most people playing on elite will usually be pretty good players, so they can use tricks like sending in the BOs first to aggro, then running through popping hypos, etc, but even so there are limits to everything. Even if you don't care about players on elite, if it does turn out to be nearly impossible, in that case you should at a minimum put a warning on your mission intro so that people know what they are getting into.