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04-06-2011, 06:43 PM
Ok, first comment:

Q Inquizitor: Has the idea of releasing the Foundry to Holodeck as a Beta changed? What does the end Non beta release look like?

A: We have kept the Beta moniker on the Foundry toolset to indicate that we consider the software to be in perpetual beta at this time, meaning that we will continue to add and iterate on features and usability issues that are brought up by our users. So while we may consider it somewhat feature complete in its release form, we recognize that we will be iterating on the tool for some time to incorporate additional user feedback and requests. We will most likely not remove the Beta tag until we feel the Foundry has all the features and fixes that players want.
Doesnt that exact same description apply to all MMOs? So why call the Foundry "beta"?