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04-06-2011, 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by Gryphoner
Hm. You're quite right I missed one. :p Easy enough fix although in the long run, I'll take that comment to heart cuz I do tend to put in options that are limited, in terms of dialogue, and often put in flavor that may not jibe with a player's view of their character..... makes the mission creation tougher, but no one said the Foundry was easy.

Lastly, I hope then that you don't hate the 2nd part too much because the bridge sequence has quite a bit of putting words into the character's mouth type options... I don't have an idea at the moment how to make that sequence dialogue neutral. But at least, it's not a sensitive area.
Well, I should perhaps explain my earlier comments. I dont mind my character saying things that a stereotypical captain would say within an episode of Trek. Normal conversation related to the story of the mission is fine(with me). However, if the author wants to delve into flirtation and other personal areas, I would like to have options for how to handle it.