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04-06-2011, 07:10 PM
Most reviewers have a pile of missions that they've been working on. I know PodcastUGC routinely gets fan mail begging them to review the mission. But, if you're not up for public bashings (if your mission isn't up to par with their standards) feel free to drop by the StarbaseUGC chatroom. There's usually someone hanging around there and if you ask nicely they'll play your mission.

Also, I feel your plight on that one. I used to do reviews on the StarbaseUGC website. Long story short, people didn't like me doing reviews (My gut tells me that I was purposely muscled out). Apparently the reviewing missions game is just as competitive as the get people to play my mission game. The point of that story was that I used to only review missions that had only one review mission or the mission that was sitting around with no reviews.