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04-06-2011, 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by tranman1988 View Post
Also, I feel your plight on that one. I used to do reviews on the StarbaseUGC website. Long story short, people didn't like me doing reviews (My gut tells me that I was purposely muscled out). Apparently the reviewing missions game is just as competitive as the get people to play my mission game. The point of that story was that I used to only review missions that had only one review mission or the mission that was sitting around with no reviews.
I do remember those reviews. I cant say i didnt like them personally, so i was slightly disappointed to see you end them. I agree the reviewing game is pretty competitive though.

Btw, CardassianNinja, I've played your mission. Ive got some feedback for you on it, so if you want i can just post it here, or send you a private PM.