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04-07-2011, 12:54 AM
That sounds like a reasonable idea. I'm going to give your mission a go in a minute!

If you want to check out mine, you'll find a link to its thread in my sig.

edit: Just played your mission! (possible spoilers below)

I really liked the pace and the story. I spotted several typos, so you might want to look over the dialogs (which otherwise were great) again before re-publishing.
I was a bit confused when placing the pattern enhancers on the Cardassian ship - I think it would be better to replace the "reach marker" objective with "interact with object", and put an invisible object where the enhancers appear afterwards.
You could also add more fluff to the mission, like putting more NPCs on DS9, let the enemy groups on the satellite work on consoles before you attack, etc. But I consider that stuff bonus material.

Overall I gave 4 stars