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Originally Posted by sabredruid View Post
Thanks for the critique. I understand not everyone is gonna feel the same about different missions. I did find 7 missed capital letters. But re going over all the reviews I've had almost everyone Liked the dialog. in fact I think 4% didn't like the dialog so pretty acceptable. I'd already adjusted the dialog for the other 2 that didn't like it so, I'm comfortable with that.

As to the combat situation, that is pretty much a limitation of the foundry. Out of my enemy options for klingons with the powers available I had the choice of Feds or Mirror feds. Mirror feds powers match klingons better, but that puts the mission at level 31+ which is actually the way I had it for most of the time the mission was on foundry. I actually only lowered it maybe a week ago to straight feds.

Now with the renaming mobs, this is also a limitation. If I pick a spawn of 5 mobs for example, those 5 mobs will not always spawn the same class. I picked the ones more often spawning as medics and renamed them medics (due to feedback of not knowing who the medics were), but thats the best I could do.

So overall I fixed the caps issue and I am considering some of the story to fit best with part 2. Everything else is either foundry limitations or the vast majority feel differently about.
i think the NPC's would have been better left at Hirogen because it just doesnt seem right for Gorn and Orions using phasers :/. yeah Foundry does have its limitations but there are works around them which you probably need to take into account.

this does have potential of a great story, its just you need to clean it up a bit more