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04-07-2011, 02:41 AM
Originally Posted by Cmd_JohnnyP
I did all the task forces... took a while for ones like the cure and KA but i felt proud that i was able to display all my borg equip and even was considering crafting to give myself a little more edge but everyone has it. Problem comes in to play when you enter pvps now where there's so much ageis and borg equip that no one has much more of an edge on anyone .. its like your almost waiting for someone to slip up so you can give them a critical hit.
so i am reading

'I suck at pvp so i did some crafting and ran some borg missions to get gear i hoped would put me so far ahead it would make up for the fact i am rubbish. Alas i discovred a lot of players already have these, and worse, didn't even have to put the work in i did to get them so i wasted my time and i still suck at pvp.