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# 10 Interface Improvements
04-07-2011, 06:53 AM
Great stuff all around. Thanks for letting me know about this thread (I had started one regarding item #3 here).

For #9, I got around this by making our first guild rank Recruit...anyone at this rank can only view/deposit to the bank and can't remove anything. This gave us a rank to bump people to if there were questions about their activity. We also use this rank as a 30-day probationary period for new members. So far we have not had a single case of bank theft....most thieves are not willing to wait around that long for a score. And they don't get promoted above that rank unless we see they have been active players.

For #10, I used named a fleet bank tab and called it "Rewards". Our fleet policy here is that only our fleet officers can make withdrawals from this tab. If a member earns a fleet reward an officer will either give them an item from there, let them pick an item, or offer to craft them any item. We stock this tab with things like: rarest tribbles, the very rare Lirpa (crafting), XP Boosts, Delta Flyer Schematic, etc. You could use the Aegis sets here too but we give a set of that to every fleet character that makes it to admiral. We also hold a fleet contest at least once a month that awards Atari Tokens (although this has a direct cost of course to the fleet or leader).