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04-07-2011, 08:25 AM
I'd be fine with a process that deactivated missions that no one played (or more accurately, no one finished, for 30-60 days. That means if you publish your mission, and there's a big rush to play it at first, but a couple of months later, no one's even trying to complete the mission.. either not even trying it, or aborting because it's not fun/too boring/too hard.. it's time to take that mission offline and make some improvements to it's appeal/playability.

That would also be a great way for the system to clear all the "test" missions from the list. "you appear in a hallway, there's klingons, get to other end of hallway"...

Maybe it could be based on a little more than completing the mission, perhaps it could be based on a percentage of people who attempt the mission, completing it. There's always gonna be one person who just bores through hoping the mission will get better once they reach objective 1.