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04-07-2011, 10:08 AM
I gave this a shot last night, and unfortunately I couldn't get it to work on the scale I wanted.

Here's what I tried:

I had 10 ensign level groups with the spider skin. I placed 1 actor from each group within aggro range at the point where the player would encounter them.

Here's where things went bad. First, I could never get more than about 3-4 groups to aggro on me despite being in the range of 10. Second, those that did aggro on me would refuse to chase me up the slight ramp that was part of the hallway. Third, the enemy AI seems to be unable to cope when you position an actor too close to each other or too close to other objects. All actors had to be positioned so they could run straight down the ramp and I really wanted them to come from all directions in the room and run out the door.

With only getting 15-20 spiders chasing you, it just didn't feel right to flee from them and those that did flee stopped chasing you after a short distance. I still like the idea of fleeing from the enemy, however I'll need to really think through how to make running from a dozen enemies feel like the right thing to do.

Should anyone else manage to get more than 3-4 groups to aggro on the player please drop me a line and let me know what technique you used.