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I beg you, put the mission starting location in the mission overview (and highlight it in green like cryptic do) and/or the first mission goal (usually the sub name of the mission). One or the other is fine but it must be there.

So many people only put it in the mission giver text that once you have read, you can't get back. If you skim over the start location or get distracted/log off, chances are you will forget where to go. That means dropping the mission and finding it again. If a person drops your mission then there is a good chance the might not pick it up again, even if they do at best you have annoyed that person and probably cost yourself a star before you have even begun.

No one wants to find a mission, forget where to go and read there first task reads 'A matter of honour', then go to the mission overview in their mission list and find the description only describes what it is about and no location.

Please. Please. Please.