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Mission Review

Name:- The Enemy of the Enemy - By HathorSC


The Federation plans to annex an M Class planet in the Neutral Zone, although close to enemy lines. The Federation annexing this prime location threatens The Empire. Besides a strategic location, the crew must determine if this planet has things to profit from.


1 star

The only plotline was go to the planet and defend the locals only to find out they wanted the best out of any faction. was weak.

Environment/Map Design

4 stars

you didnt do to bad with the environments. a few more tthings possibly could boost it up but great .


2 stars

felt like an exploit fed NPC group mission. it was kill 4 things, story, kill 4 things, story, kill 2 things then another last boss. was boring but it do accept it is the Neutral Zone so i gave you 2 stars


2 stars

the OCC command was uncessary throughout the dialogue's, you dont need it . there were spelling errors and mistakes but there was hardly any dialogue at all so expanding upon this story could be a LOT more beneficial.

i alsio fund pop up dialogues with the same character arguing with himself. try to clean up the costume schedules


It is your first mission I know but a lot more story could have been put into it. it is the Neutral Zone so combat is expected but I found too much. improving these areas of your mission will lead to a much better review .