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# 1 Keep the Klingon love coming!
04-07-2011, 04:46 PM
Come on, you know you don't want to make that amazing story in the over saturated pile of manure that is the federation!

Consider the many member races of the Klingon empire!

Diverse and unrestrained by morally ambiguous over the top ethics like the prime directive!

We have slaves, entire work camps on planets, no appreciable concern for the welfare of the environment!
(hell we over mined and blew up our own moon!)

Independent Captains unbound by uncomfortable pajama jumpsuits and hyper inclusive, yet rigid command structures!

Our first officer's don't just implement regulations and remove you from command in the event you act unreasonable, they will gut you like a stuck pig if you call in sick once!



pffft ...the only cannon we care about over here is ones that launch streaming annihilation into the faces of our enemies!

Make a KDF mission today!