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04-07-2011, 07:12 PM
1) The Useable Low Gravity Pack

My mission, Across The Multiverse (test it! It isn't on public list yet) starts players on a high ridge. They are 'given' a low gravity pack to assist with the mountainous area. They get to the edge of a cliff and interact with an invisible object with a 'press button on your forearm' animation, and it activates a map-wide low gravity effect. Now they can jump down. On the ground below, to which they must logically go, is a giant reach marker that deactivates the effect.

I'm going somewhere with this...later, if they choose certain options in the right order they need to scale a building. Again they have a prompt to activate and can bound up ledges.

Basically, we now have a new item: the low-grav device. It can be used in certain player made maps. Using gigantic invisible objects laid over each other as both activators and deactivators of the low grav device, you can make it a constant bottom-right prompt to be used at will, and I think that's a freedom players will enjoy

(Giant invisible object with optional interact objective, instead of interact it say 'Activate Low Gravity Device" and completing that objective affects the visibility state of one of the low-grave map-wide effect which stacked 20 deep in case they want to keep activating/reactivating.)