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04-08-2011, 04:16 AM
Im going to be brutally honest here. I played part 1 and 2 and whilst the storyline has potential i did not think the missions were anything special. in fact they were a little dull. far too much scanning going on in both parts, some of the dialogue felt clunky and needed some extra padding and explanations as to who was who. there was very little combat which is ok if there is plenty to see and do but the storyline, whilst interesting to a point, was quite sparse. it basically felt like a giant patrol missions which is fine if you like that but as a story it was not up to par with some of the other great missions.

I think the storyline could become something fascinating if done right and i can see numerous ways to improve it but at the moment i dont think the 'fun' factor is there in either mission.

The good thing about the foundry is we all find different things interesting and if you like it then great, but i found it lacking in all departments.