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# 1 Klingon Experience Project
04-08-2011, 04:40 AM
The Klingon Experience Project
organizing KDF content from players to players

(=| View the mission spreadsheet at Google Docs |=)

Please reply with your finished KDF mission below!

As promised, Iíve updated the goal tracker for KDF players.

Think of it as a status report of where Foundry authors are taking the Empire Ė Iíll try to deliver it either weekly or bi-weekly, showing the progress players have made.
28.1% Completion!

Hereís how it works:
1) Iíll list both player-made and developer-made missions by level.

2) The goal is have nearly 150 missions in the Foundry for KDF players and do it before Season 4. This is around 3 missions per level.

3) Blue bars are dev-created; pink ones are player-created. Letís make this chart run red!

4) Raw data will be updated too and posted via GoogleDocs (alongside mission names, level range, and author names)
Why three missions?
While not confirmed for the release, Foundry content will likely be clustered into threes: play any three missions and earn the daily XP/Honor reward for playing Foundry content.

Why arrange stuff into rank/grade?
This is done to allow those contributing a mission to be able to post story arcs more easily. Seeing content flow grade-over-grade means that players can consult a chart and get a clear indication what Foundry content is available.

This list is incomplete/biased/etc.
Itís not meant to be complete yet. The goal is consolidate KDF missions into one megathread. This allows KDF enthusiasts to communicate with one another, have a ďone-stop shopĒ for finding missions, and to allow collaboration or tie-ins between mission series. Beginning play in the KDF is daunting: requiring lots of tribal knowledge to figure out where to go and who to stab. The goal here is to make it easier on players and easier on Foundry authors.

Why isnít ďxĒ listed?
Thereís a real life out there. Iíll try to keep it updated weekly for KDF players.