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Mission Review

Name:- Peace Sells Part 2: The Bait - By Geoff_484


In this follow up to "Peace Sells... But who's buying?" you must interrogate a stubborn Admiral to obtain vital information and help prep an ambush attack on a squadron of some of the Federation's best ships.

Can you get the information you need from the Admiral to defeat the latest upgraded federation vessel?


5 stars

Great storyline. your missions could have been a bit longer though but I am impressed by this storyline . keep it up!

Environment/Map Design

4 stars

maps are great. a spacey feeling to the space map when you rendezvous with the KDF ship which made it a lot better. also liked how you put the same console 4 times on the same space to simulate the torture of the Admiral .


5 stars

there was a good amount of combat. especially liked hiding in the asteroids and luring the feds to me instead of us going to them. proper tactics there so keep it up!


3 stars

you need to brush up on your dialogue a bit more as there were quite a few mistakes, such as lack of captial letters, spelling mistakes etc. I would have preferred it if my character had used his dialogue window more interactively so it seemed like I was talking to my crew but the dialogue a a whole needs a bit of work. LOVED the interrogation puzzle


Missions was great but too short for my liking. i love the storyline and the combat in this mission as well. if you brush up on your dialogue and your foundry knowledge (eg, how things work), then this mission could potentially be a 5 star one .